Social Media Art

this text entitled ”Social Media Art in the expanded field” written by Ben Davis, discusses the relationship between traditional art and the social media, and the different forms of art or non art that comes from this bond between the two.

Davis points out the importance of social media and how this took over any other initiative to promote artists and artistic creativity. Throughout the text, the author makes reference and gives explanation to numerous terms that come out from art and social media. Davis defines art a product which is brought forward by a creative process and a creative thought by the artist, which sets it aside from another ordinary, every day object. On the other hand he defines social media as a virtual world where everyone meets and talks and that it is also a platform for all kinds of advertisement.

Davis points out that although art and social media are often mixed together, one must keep in mind that they are two different opposing forces, traditional art and new media art.The author makes also reference to the Greimasion Semiotic Square which is ”one of the favorite intellectual toys of theory minded art critics”. The Semiotic Square is a way of visually representing a matrix of possible relationships generated by a given opposition. It’s basically a contradiction within a contradiction.

taking the model of the Semiotic Square

Art:products of traditional, professionalized art world, a privilaged class of aesthetics objects set apart from ordinary acts, thus non art means, amateur art production.

Social Media: is a newer way of development of technology based on traditional ideas, thus non social media is a variety of new media that could be mixed with social media.

Davis then analyses the semiotic square by dividing it into: art that uses social network; new media art; social art collaboration and art mods.

In my opinion the distinction and distance between traditional art and the social should be kept, because they are two very different things and personally the mix of the two would end up a totally different thing from what an artist thought initially. Social media in my opinion should be kept as a tool at the disposal of the artist for advertising and feedback reasons. The examples that the artist mentioned in the explanation of the semiotic square, especially the art mods show to what extent traditional could be degraded.

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